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What age can you join a Creative Stage class?

Baby Ballet and Mini Creatives class - Children from age 2¾ years to pre school age

ISTD and Performing Arts Troupe classes - Primary School to Secondary School students

Street Jazz - Secondary School Students

Adult Tap - age 16 +

Is there any parental involvement or can we watch in Mini Creatives or Baby Ballet classes?

There is no parental involvement in either of these classes. The children can often act differently with other parents in the room. If your little one is particularly nervous about attending their first class, he/she is welcome to come and meet us prior to their start date.

Can my child try Creative Stage Classes before committing to your block payment plan?

We offer newcomers the opportunity to pay their first 2 weeks of classes per class to ensure they enjoy them before committing to a block payment.

Is there a discount for families or children that attend more than one class?

Creative Stage offer families with 3 or more children attending a 10% discount on their overall fees. A 10% discount is also applied to any students who are committed to attending three sole dance classes plus a Performing Arts Troupe class.

What should children wear?

Performing Arts Troupe or Mini Creatives - the set uniform is your own black leggings/ joggers along with a Creative Stage T-shirt and Hoodie. Newcomers please come in your own clothing for the first few sessions.

All students should wear suitable footwear, dance shoes or trainers. Please no boots or school shoes. All students attending classes at the Creative Stage Studio in Selkirk must bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into.

Dance Classes - we have a set leotards and shoes for our dance classes but if you are new to Creative Stage please send your child in suitable comfy clothing.

More information on our Uniform page.

Can my child attend straight from school?

Our Jedburgh, Melrose and Lauder Performing Arts Troupe classes all take place within the schools grounds. If the children attend this school, they can come straight to their Creative Stage class from their classroom; we ask that their schoolteachers are made aware of this arrangement. Afterschool clubs are often very accommodating with pick ups and drop offs.

What should I do if my child cannot attend their class?

If your child is unable to attend their weekly class please make us aware prior to their start time by email or texting us. This is in the best interest of your child’s safety.

When do Creative Stage classes run?

Creative Stage follows the same calendar as the school year, taking all major holidays as schools do. We do not tend to take bank holidays, if in doubt please check the Creative Stage calendar.